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marketplace management solution.

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Seller Dynamics


What does Seller Dynamics do?

Seller Dynamics increases your online sales. It does that by allowing you to sell across multiple markletplaces as easily as selling on one.

From Seller Dynamics you list, manage, process orders, reprice and automatically manage stock across multiple marketplaces. That lets you scale your sales in a way that maximise sales, while minimising costs.

Sell across 12 Amazons, over 20 eBays, Fnac, Cdiscount, Flubit, Rakuten, Sku Cloud as well as Magento and Shopify websites. 

Seller Dynamics automates the whole sales process.

What will Seller Dynamics do for me? or... Seller Dynamics at a glance.

1. Marketplace management.

Marketplace Management systems allow retailers to take full advantage of the global marketplaces that dominate online sales.

With huge reach, and with a loyal customer base on marketplaces like eBay and Amazon you can significantly increase your sales.

Managing multiple sites, and increased sales requires streamlined automation, and marketplace management.

2. Automatic repricing.

With so many retailers selling on the global marketplaces they are extremely competitive.

Because you are likely to be selling the same items as other retailers it is essential that you have the ability to reprice automatically.

Set up your upper and lower price points in order that your prices can be adjusted continuously to beat the competition and maximise your margin always.

3. Synchronised Stock Control.

Selling across multiple channels becomes a reality with marketplace management, but it means that you have to ensure your stock levels are adjusted in realtime.

If you don't have the capability to synchronise your stock wherever and whenever you sell, then you run the real risk of overselling.

And if you oversell then you risk being suspended from the marketplaces.

4. Order Processing.

With multiple channels, comes multiple orders and that means you need to be able to process those orders effectively.

All your orders are collected together, allowing you to easily pick, pack and despatch with ease.

And order history is maintained to ensure that you can answer customer queries with ease.

5. Listing management.

With marketplace management software it becomes possible to list hundreds of thousands of items on each of the marketplaces you sell on.

To ensure that process is as easy as possible Seller Dynamics allows you to create pricing, tax and postage profiles to group simialr items together.

Listing hundreds of thousands becomes practical with marketplace management.

6.  Courier integration.

Ensuring your orders reach your customers in a timely manner you'll need to be tightly integrated with the Royal Mail and all your favourite couriers.

Simply mark the items for despatch and choose you you want to deliver the goods.

Seller Dynamics is integrated with leading courier aggregators NetDespatch and ShipTheory.

7. Stationery management.

To ensure you can quickly pack your items, Seller Dynamics provides customisable stationery.

Easily create the templates you need. Templates that can use integrated labels to speed the whole despatch process.

Save hours a day with integrated labels and customisable stationery.

8. Data feeds.

Seller Dynamics gives you multiple ways to update your data.

Particularly popular is the ability to use data feeds from your suppliers to directly update Seller Dynamics without any manual intervention.

That means you can always be sure your stock and your price information is accurate.

9. API access.

To ensure that Seller Dynamics can be tightly integrated within your other business systems an API is provided.

This gives you the capability to connect Seller Dynamics to your warehouse software or ERP systems, streamlining your entire business.

All done with just a little technical expertise.

10. Data Input and Output.

A core strength of Seller Dynamics is the flexibility surrounding the ability to import and export data.

Choose the data you need and export it to a CSV file. Then edit the fields you want in your favourite package befre importing the changes back into Seller Dynamics.

That gives you complete control of what and how you edit your data in bulk.

11. Cloud based.

Seller Dynamics is cloud hosted. Thta means there is no software to install and no system requirements, other than access to a browser and a good internet connection.

That also means that Seller Dynamics can provide the very best in support.

And of course new versions can be released with ease.

12. Reporting & Dashboard.

With increased sales, orders and customers it's important to stay on top of things. So Seller Dynamics has a Dashboard to let you see how things are going at a glance.

And there is a wide range of reports to ensure you stay on top of the detail.

Business Management Information at your fingertips.

Seller Dynamics will allow you to increase sales and margins

Why should I use Seller Dynamics?

Global marketplaces have transformed online sales. Without Seller Dynamics you can't take advantage of that huge opportunity.

1. Amazon has 12 country specific sites, and eBay over 20. And then there is Fnac, Cdiscount and many more.

2. Seller Dynamics automatically reprices your items to keep you competitive and to maximise your margin.

3. Keep your stock levels accurate wherever and whenever you sell, to ensure you never oversell.

4. Despatch fast with streamlined order processing, pick, pack and despatch.

5. Integrates with all your business systems and processes.


Seller Dynamics - sell on Amazon, eBay, Cdiscount, Fnac and more channels.

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