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Why use Shopify.

There are a wide range of Shopping carts available to help you sell online. 

Each one has their own set of strengths and weaknesses, but we've found that Shopify is amongst the very best.

Easy to set up, customisable and easy to manage. All the things you look for in an online shopping solution.

It's affordable too, with a pricing model tied to the sales you make.

Let's run through the 12 most important things you need to know about Shopify.




12 things you need to know about Shopify. or... The Shopify Heads Up.

1. Shopify is easy to set up.

Shopify has been designed to be extremely easy to set up and manage.

Choose the plan you want, choose a theme and set up your payment options to get started.

All you need to do is to start adding your products.

2. Shopify is customisable.

Shopify comes with a wide range of themes which allow you to quickly customise your store. They have been designed to meet the needs of different sectors: from Beauty to Funrniture.

Many of the themes are free, but you also opt to purchase a theme from one of the many specialists companies who provide them.

3. Shopify allows you to add items with ease.

Adding products has been made simple thanks to a very simple interface.

Adding and maintaining product titles, images and descriptions can be done with ease.

4. Shopify ensures that each listing can be fully Search Engine Optimised.

When you add an item to your Shopify site you will find that all the Search Engine metadata can be easily editted.

Metadata is what Search Engines use to help potential customers find what they are looking for.

5. The Shopify pricing model is attractive.

There are a couple of subscription levels from a few tens of pounds to a few hundred per month.

On top of your Credit Card fees Shopify also charges a transaction fee; this is between 0.5% and 2%.

Your total transaction fees can be reduced if you opt for Shopify Payments.

6.  There are a wide range of additional add ons.

A wide ranging Shopify App Store is available, populated with approved applications designed and supported by third parties.

Add ons to manage Customer Feedback and on-line chat are among the most popular.

They are charged for on a monthly basis.

7. You can integrate Shopify with other systems.

Shopify has a Public API to encourage other systems to connect to it.

As an example marketplace management system, Seller Dynamics, connects with Shopify. Allowing all your online business to be centrally controlled, including your orders from Amazon, eBay, Cdiscount etc.

8. There is great support and active community.

Support is included and is provided by Phone, email and Online Chat.

And because of the number of App developers and Theme Designers the community is very active, and always keen to offer and opinion.

9. Shopify host the service.

By hosting the service, Shopify remove a great burden from your shoulders.

You won't need to worry about SSL certificates or PCI Compliance. So that's not only a great saving in time, it's also a great reduction in your stress levels.

10. You can manage your Shopify clients with ease.

Tracking orders and managing your customers is done with ease thanks to a simple to use Admin system.

You can group clients based on their spend levels or by their geography, opening up marketing possibilities to help you sell more.

11. Shopify allows you to offer discount codes.

To drive sales you can offer discount codes.

Discounts can be based on Value, Percentage or on Postage removal. And you can set active timeframes for controlling when they are valid.

12. Shopify does mobile very well.

Not only will your Shopify site look great on mobiles, you can also see how your business is running.

We'd always recommend carrying out Admin tasks on big screeens, but for monitoring how things are going and for doing the occassional edit Shopify is ideal.

Shopify is easy to set up, configure and manage

What are the Shopify strengths?

Shopify is one of the strongest ecommerce platforms we have come across and all the retailers we know who use it sing it's praises.

1. Easy to set up, and hosted by Shopify to look after PCI and SSL requirements.

2. Easy to customise with good loooking themes, many of them free.

3. Adding your Payment Processor is completlely painless, with Shopify's own option as well.

4. A wide ranging App Store to address any additional requirements, and an API for bespoke integrations.

5. Priced to be affordable, with a variety of Plans depending on your exact needs.





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