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OK Glass.... lets do efulfilment!
Google Glass is one of those things that you know is going to break - even if it might give you a squint or a sort of far away look in your eyes when you really should be paying attention. When Google Glass was announced we were not convinced that the technology would get quickly embraced by the public but as technology folks we were obviously interested.

We like keeping in the loop on new technical innovations and we missed this application which was brought to our attention by a Heriot Watt masters students studying Supply Chain and Logistics. Supply Chain student Stewart Ogilvie pointed us in the direction of a YouTube video that shows how Google Glass could be applied to warehouses and e-fulfilment.
The strength in the solution is that Google Glass removes the need for a handheld - a big improvement if you are a forklift driver in a warehouse.
The video shows barcode scanning and location-ing  to ensure that the picking goes quickly and smoothly. Here is the video - click here.
As software developers at Objective Associates we like software integration challenges and this application looks like a perfect fit of technology and need. It's of great interest to part of the team at Web Wise Business who look after our Marketplace Management solution Seller Dynamics. Seller Dynamics is an essential element in the Supply Chain if you are selling hundreds of thousands of SKUs across Amazon, ebay, Play and FNAC – we see it much more than just an ecommerce system - it's a part of your supply chain if you are in retail or in e-fulfilment.

Web Wise Business is an online identity of Objective Associates Limited providers of Seller Dynamics a multi-channel ecommerce management solution providing a range of features including an Amazon repricer as well as order, stock, supplier and fulfilment management.

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