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VOIP Scotland - Network ROI

Key Points From Video:
  • 0min 39sec - Sean Elliot confirms that VOIP can deliver great results. No longer the need for two sets of cabling as it uses the computer network.
  • 1min 22sec - Sean Elliot points out where VOIP is being subject to a little bit too much hype. For external calls high bandwidth is required.
  • 2min 28sec - Sean lists the benefits of using VOIP within a business. Moving people around is easy thanks to the presence of the network making it simple to use for Facilities Management companies.
  • 3min 30sec - Explaining the cost of ownership of a VOIP telecom system.
  • 4min 30sec - Free calls with VOIP - is that feasible?
  • 5min 30sec - How can a business justify the cost of a new VOIP based system.
Sean Elliot, Managing Director of Network ROI talks to Alex Ogilvie of Web Wise Business about VOIP - Voice Over IP. He covers the benefits, features and explodes some of the myths surrounding VOIP technology.
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