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Duncan and Angus

Entrepreneur guide #1: How to pitch your new business idea to an investor

Key Points From Video:
  • 0min 15sec - The Internet is all the rage you know explains Duncan our entrepreneur.
  • 0min 34sec - Angus the Angel has to excuse himself.
  • 0min 45sec - Duncan the Entrepreneur explains he already has a job - with the council.
  • 1min 0sec - Would you like to invest Angus?
  • 1min 16sec - Duncan the Entrepreneur admits he knows nothing about EIS and VAT.
  • 1min 30sec - Being an entrepreneur is all about learning and spending other peoples money.

The Entrepreneur Fuide, Episode 1: Looking for money from investors? Look no further for advice than this quick video which shows you how to do it. Duncan our Entrepreneur pitches his idea to Angus the angel.


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