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Writing good PPC Advert Copy

PPC - Writing Ad Copy for Google Ads

Key Points From Video:
  • 0min 30sec - Tips for writing an advert for Google Adwords and Pay Per Click ads.
  • 0min 58sec - Our first tip for writing great Ad copy - a good quality advert will reduce costs and improve the ranking of the advert. Make sure the ad features the keywords you are targeting.
  • 2min 15sec - Tip two is to make sure you have a strong and compelling call to action within the Advert. Free delivery or special offers work well.
  • 3min 19sec - Our third tip is to run multiple ads and test for best effect. Always be prepared to monitor the success and refine the campaign as required.
  • 3min 50sec - Andrew summarises the three top tips to write great ad copy for PPC campaigns.
Andrew Steel and Alex Ogilvie discuss how to write great Ad Copy for Pay Per Click campaigns by running through 3 great PPC tips. With online advertising so important to many businesses its essential to understand the principles of writing PPC ad copy. Get it right and your Ad position will improve and your costs will drop. Get it wrong and costs will soar.

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