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Key Points From Video:
  • 0min 25sec - Fraser leads the charge on the basics about Adobe Air.
  • 0min 54sec - Adobe Air even operates on the new Samsung TVs.
  • 1min 6sec - But browsers can run on a lot of these devices so why is Adobe Air so much better.
  • 1min 20sec - Fraser explains the online and offline capabilities of Adobe Air and a few of the benefits that that brings.
  • 1min 45sec - The capability of re-syncing data after you are reconnected with Adobe Air allows you to work remotely with no internet connection.
  • 2min 35sec - Adobe Air operates in a controlled environment that reducing the risks of a user being frustrated by an application that will not run on their machine.
  • 2min 45sec - Fraser explains the limitations of developing applications across multiple browsers and operating systems using conventional browsers.
  • 3min 5sec - Adobe Air provides you with the flexibility to create the user interface that you want rather than coping with cross browser limitations.
  • 3min 40sec - The benefits for the client in using Adobe Air are that they do not have to concern themselves with the operating systems of their users. So development costs can be reduced and reliability and usability increased.

The Web Wise Business team discuss some of the basic features of Adobe Air and suggest some of the reasons why it is the ideal plaform for developing sophisticated online applications.

Adobe Air is a powerful development platform allowing developers such as the experienced web team at Web Wise Business to develop rich online applications that can do far more than conventional online applications within web sites. Adobe Air runs within it's own environment protecting the application that it is hosting from the underlying technology and limitations of the platform it is running on - be that a Windows, Linux or Mac machine.


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