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eBay Cross Border Trade - get the monkey off your back
Selling on eBay is essential if you are an online retailer. Whether your a large or small retailer, boutique or enterprise organisation, you simple can't ignore eBay.
To make the best use of eBay you'll want to make sure that you can promote your wares on more than one eBay site. With over 26 different eBay country sites to sell on the scope to increase your sales is enormous. That's where eBay Cross Border Trade, or eBay CBT comes in.
By listing directly onto the eBay country site of your choice you can be talking directly to you potential customers, in theor language and with prices that interest them and safeguard you.
There is a fair amount of effort to go to, to ensure your listings are ready to be translated - but thankfully with the eBay CBT features within Seller Dynamics you'll be selling internationally in no time. Take a minute to view the quick video below and we'll explain the problems that Seller Dynamics offers and the opportunity it opens up by make eBay Cross Border Trade simple.

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