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Making the Most of Event Meetings with Electronics KTN
Electronics Knowledge Transfer Network
Wanting to build the strength of the electronics sector on a global scale through building relationships and knowledge dissemination among electronics companies in the UK,  the Electronics Knowledge Transfer Network (EKTN) have recently launched their new Meeting Brokerage System designed and developed by Web Wise Business.
Running a number of events throughout the year designed to encourage networking and knowledge sharing, the EKTN's success is determined by the value of contacts and information its members gain from these events. The new Meeting Brokerage System is designed to maximise these gains by enabling EKTN members to register for events and clearly state what they are providing (services, products, etc) and what they are looking for from the meetings. Members can then view other registered attendees profiles and schedule meetings with attendees who are looking for what they offer.
Meetings are scheduled into the members' events calendar, with meetings only being available for scheduling when both parties are available, ensuring there are no clashes in time slots or double bookings. When a member arranges a meeting, the time slot is provisionally booked on their calendar and an invitation email and SMS text message are sent to the intended attendee. The intended attendee can then either accept or reject the invitation, at which point a response email and SMS are sent to the meeting arranger.
Reminder emails and SMS text messages are then issued prior to the meeting to remind both parties. Both parties can cancel, reschedule or add notes to a scheduled meeting listing viewable by both parties at any point before the meeting commences.
The system therefore both eases administration of the brokerage events timetables for EKTN staff, and also maximises the number and value of effective meetings that members can have at the events.
The system launched at a recent brokerage event attended by over 60 companies from the UK electronics industry and was heralded as a huge success and will now be a key part in the organisation of future events. 

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