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Enjoy increased Rakuten Play sales with a Play Repricer
Selling online isn't something to be played with and that's why you'll need the best of breed Play Repricer to maximise your sales on Rakuten's Play. is a catalogue based marketplace allowing third party sellers to access the UK and European markets with ease. The use of a catalogue based system makes listing very simple for new entrants, on the marketplace owned by global giant Rakuten.
Unlike Amazon, the offering from Play distinguishes itself by not competing with the retailers that use it. So if you are listing on Play, you are only competing with other likeminded retailers, you're not competing with the marketplace owner.
You may remember that first got established when a VAT rule allowed low value items to be sold online exempt from VAT. Based originally in the Channel Islands, Play did very well at building a business selling CDs and DVDs. However, when that VAT exemption was removed Play had to think again. Now part of the Rakuten group, Play have become a high quality marketplace enjoying around 17 million unique visitors per month.
As you would expect with that sort of online footfall, the Play marketplace is very competitive. and you'll need to look at how to best price your goods to maximise sales. Enter then the Play Repricer from Seller Dynamics. At the centre of Seller Dynamics is a software repricer for various markets including, the Play Repricer allows retailers to set minimum and maximum margins to ensure that the price is always as competitive as possible, while always ensuring the margin favours the seller as much as possible.
As the price point moves so the price you are offering moves as well. You can decided to beat the nearest seller by 1 penny or by 1 pound - in fact whatever margin you choose. Or if you are reluctant to enter a price war you can always decide to price match the competition rather than beat the competition. There is a link to the Play Repricer below which explains in much more detail it's capabilities and the other powerful features within Seller Dynamics.
In short though, as competitors drop out the market so your price will rise back up to ensure your margin is as high as possible. Combine that feature with the option to price in both Euros and Pounds and you have two Play marketplaces for the price of one.
If you are concerned that your goods might not be in the Play catalogue then don't be. It's easy to add additional items thanks to recent improvements at Play, and the number of categories that Play covers is constantly increasing as well. Whatever your retail sector, it's worth having a look at the opportunity presented by Play.

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