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ebay strikethrough pricing
Strikethrough pricing on ebay can help you increase sales quickly.
It is always appealing to see a price scored out and a new lower price written next to it.

And whether that is on the high street or online, the effect it always the same – it attracts attention and increases the chances of a sale.

As long as your item has been listed for a minimum period you can request strike through pricing as an option from the ebay folks. We recommend it – and when used with an ebay repricer it can make a significant difference to your sales levels.The ebay repricer from Seller Dynamics provides options to utilise strikethrough and a number of other sales options, such as 99p rounding.

Web Wise Business is an online identity of Objective Associates Limited providers of Seller Dynamics a multi-channel ecommerce management solution providing a range of features including an Amazon repricer as well as order, stock, supplier and fulfilment management.

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