Seller Dynamics Repricer Software

ebay repricing and ebay listing automation for global sales
ebay have over 36 local country sites, generating gross merchandise value of over $70Bn for their sellers. With such a huge opportunity it's essential to get an automated ebay repricing and ebay listing service.
Since its early days as a consumer to consumer site ebay has grown to cover the globe with over 36 local country sites allowing retailers to share in over $70 Billion in sales. ebay is a business that has steadily shifted the shopping habits of many, and opened up exciting new opportunities to legions of sellers. Although still perceived by many as a pure auction site aimed at selling junk from the garage, ebay is in fact a source of high quality items being sold by large and small retailers alike.
Argos, in the UK, are perhaps the easiest example to use to emphasise the business that ebay has become. Not only do Argos have their own ebay shop, but they also allow buyers to collect goods at certain Argos stores bought on ebay from selected sellers. The Click and Collect service demonstrates the nature of the new ebay agenda and highlights the increasing acceptance of ebay as a quality channel for enterprise sized retailers.
For retailers ebay simply doesn't provide a local sales channel but a method to sell globally through the 3 dozen or more country sites. With the option to create local listings in the local language ebay gives retailers of all sizes truly global reach. Shipping costs, may of course, limit the opportunity for some but selling into ebay Australia from the UK is more than possible and provides a straightforward way to increase profitable turnover.
Maximising the return from the opportunity that ebay offers does of course require some thought. Listing thousands, or hundreds of thousands, of SKUs requires at the very least a streamlined process, and in reality means a software system that can cope with multiple language listings & currency rates, as well as being able to manage orders from both a fulfillment and a goods-in point of view.
With each stock list received from your distributor you'll want to update the various ebay sites you are listing on, and in order to do that quickly, ebay listing and ebay repricing facilities are essential. With Seller Dynamics each uploaded stock list can quickly have a price profile associated with it, or with groups of SKUs within it. That means any price change from a stockist is passed on and correctly marked up in an instant - ensuring that prices are accurate around the globe.
And if you're selling on ebay then the chances are that you'll also be selling on other marketplaces such as Amazon, which means that the same price profiles can be allocated to the SKUs you are selling on Amazon. So not only can you be quickly selling on over 36 ebays, you can also be selling over all the other markets you like as well.
From its days as a pure auction site ebay has emerged to become one of the world's favourite retail marketplaces thanks to the Buy It Now option, which ensures instant buyer gratification. All you need to do is get listing and get repricing. You can find out more about the services within Seller Dynamics and the ebay repricer facilities by following the link below. The flexibility of Pricing Profiles, how to mark up your cost price, how to round up prices to the nearest 99pence and even how to reorder from you best supplier are all covered.

Web Wise Business is an online identity of Objective Associates Limited providers of Seller Dynamics a multi-channel ecommerce management solution providing a range of features including an Amazon repricer as well as order, stock, supplier and fulfilment management.

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