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If you can share it then share it

YouTube and Flickr integration for websitesIf your business can or does promote itself through the use of video or pictures then utilizing free to use online media sharing platforms such as Flickr and YouTube is a valuable way to spread the word about who and what you are.

Popular sites like Flickr and YouTube give your business an important place to promote your marketing message and also reduce the bandwidth and server capacity you need to run your website. So the question becomes why wouldn't you rather than why should you.


Post on Flickr & YouTube to see it on your site fast

Adding our Flickr or YouTube building block to your website ensures that anything you post on these sites is easily picked up and reused by your own site.

This ensures that the time and effort that you have to put in to making your website fresh and interesting looking is kept to an absolute minimum.

To find out how we allow you to reuse your Flickr or YouTube material on your website give our Stirling website development office a call on 01786 430076 or email us on info@webwisebusiness.co.uk.


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