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Colour To Action! - The Best Colour For Call To Action Buttons
Colour to Action - The best colour for your Call to Action

Calling Loud and Clear

For a long time now (it could even be argued since the beginning) it hasn't been enough for visitors to websites to simply come and go in order for the website's owner to gain any value from them having does so, ideally you want them to do something.
Unfortunately, many site owners fail to put much effort into their Call(s) to Action on their website, simply settling for some un-tested, non-compelling text hidden away at the bottom of the page.
Regular readers of our news articles and Web Wise Tips will be aware that we have already covered the key ingredients of a good, well positioned call to action in some detail. However, something that we have recently been looking into, which doesn't tend to be considered quite so much, is the importance of the colour of your call to action.


There has been plenty of research into the emotions and internal responses induced by viewing certain colours - red, for example, apparently quickens the heart rate by activating your pituitary gland, yet surprisingly the findings of such research are often overlooked when it comes to designing marketing material.
It stands to reason that you want peoples eyes to be drawn to your call to action, therefore the colours you use to present it should be naturally compelling and inspire the right subconscious reactions. The following graphic outlines some important considerations for a few of the most commonly used colours for calls to action:
Best colours for Call to Action
It has been noted that orange is apparently the best colour for a call to action button, whether it be the "buy now" button, or for "contact us" etc.
Clearly some of the larger online retailers have taken note of this, using the colour and those that contrast it to create immediately recognisable calls to action.


Amazon's Calls to Action
Amazon are a prime example of this, using orange and yellow for the most important "buy" buttons, while using a light blue background which makes the two stand out more but also creates a larger surface area for the call to action, meaning the eye is easily drawn to it.
Amazon also make use of another interesting theory on Call to Action buttons - the idea that irregular shaped buttons are subconsciously more appealing than regular rectangles and ovals.
Since the key aim for any call to action is that it stands out, irregular shapes on otherwise "regularly" shaped surroundings should prove to be more noticeable.
However, it is worth keeping in mind that too irregular a shape may cause visitors to simply ignore the button, thinking it is simply a graphical element and not interactive.
So there you have it, certainly some interesting food for thought when considering how to improve the call to action on your website.

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