Amazon, ebay, Play and fnac selling tips

Category options on Amazon
Certain categories in Amazon are restricted, so retailers need to apply for permission to sell on them.
There is a wide range of categories across Amazon but in some cases you’ll need approval before you can start selling within them.

Alcohol is a case in point. Amazon clearly want to avoid unscrupulous businesses selling illicit liquids so have put in place checks to ensure that they act diligently when admitting retailers. And in the case of Amazon USA you simply can’t sell alcohol at all.

Health and Beauty products are also similarly restricted to vetted companies for obvious reasons.

Toys get special attention and Amazon has put in place a moratorium for new sellers several months out from Christmas to ensure that only reputable businesses are offering toys on the run up to the toy hungry Christmas period.Whatever you are selling make sure you utltise a marketplace management system to manage all your product, follow this marketplace management link to find out how Seller Dynamics can benefit you.

Web Wise Business is an online identity of Objective Associates Limited providers of Seller Dynamics a multi-channel ecommerce management solution providing a range of features including an Amazon repricer as well as order, stock, supplier and fulfilment management.

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