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Auctions or Buy It Now on ebay?
Buy It Now allows professional retailers to scale their sales on ebay without the need to run multiple online Auctions.
For some time now ebay has been steadily attracting professional retailers and sellers who prefer the Buy It Now option as opposed to auctions.

Auctions are fine, but for businesses who want to control and maximise sales Buy It Now is the way to go. Auctions are useful in certain situations of course – perhaps to attract attention or to stimulate Buy It Now activity – but as a core volume sales channel the results are simply too hit or miss.Buy It Now will require some sort of automated service to get the best sales results, click on the links to find out about Seller Dynamics ebay repricing and ebay listing.

Web Wise Business is an online identity of Objective Associates Limited providers of Seller Dynamics a multi-channel ecommerce management solution providing a range of features including an Amazon repricer as well as order, stock, supplier and fulfilment management.

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