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Amazon repricer improves sales and margins on Amazon
Selling on Amazon is a competitive business and to make sure you win the sales you need at the margin you need the Amazon Repricer within Seller Dynamics is a must have.
The 2014 Amazon Shareholder meeting revealed that Amazon has added 30 million new users in 2013. That increase brings the number of shoppers on Amazon to 244 million users, or just over 3.3% of the world's population. That's a truly staggering statistic - 3.3% of the globe, not 3.3% of people who buy online, or 3.3% of internet users - 3.3% of the globes population.
With a total of eight Amazons that allow access to third party sellers, Amazon offers a unique opportunity to sell globally with little difficulty. Amazon is a catalogue based system which means, that if a retailer has an item that is already in the Amazon catalogue, that they can create an account and start selling that item quickly. That catalogue ensures retailers selling goods in France or Japan do not need to worry about creating listing descriptions in the local language - it's already been done.
For items that are not in the catalogue retailers can add them in easily enough - and as they see opportunities to sell in different countries it's just a case of translating as required.
UK retailers can benefit from all of the Amazon sites - USA, UK, Canada, Spain, Italy, Germany, France & Japan. Only Japan requires a little thought as you'll need a local bank account to meet the local trading requirements. But other than that a UK Bank account will serve the other 7 Amazons. And if you are based outside the UK you won't find the requirements particularly troubling.
With an estimated $40 Billion, in third party sales, going through the various Amazon platforms it's clearly a lucrative opportunity for retailers. There is no CAPEX to get going, no need to spend on a Pay Per Click campaign or on ongoing Search Engine Optimisation schemes, so access to that market opportunity is risk free. Amazon charge a commission on sales, so building that into your gross margin is all that is required.
Managing potentially 8 Amazon sites and thousands of SKUs is of course a non-trivial exercise. Doing that manually is simply not an option. Managing a few hundred items on 1 or 2 sites is possible - perhaps - but it's not scalable if you want to grow sales. Instead you'll need to find a Marketplace Management solution such as Seller Dynamics. Seller Dynamics provides a range of services to manage stock from goods-in to dispatch, but at its core is an Amazon Repricer which allows minimum and maximum margins to be set against individual SKUs or a range of SKUs. As the competition move their prices so the Amazon Repricing facility moves your prices to keep your prices as competitive as possible, while all the time maximising your margin.
And by entering your preferred exchange rates the Amazon Repricer will reprice in different currencies as well - ensuring that each Amazon market is treated uniquely. Indeed with the ability to create multiple Pricing Profiles it's easy to set different business rules for each market - ensuring you can adjust to local market situations. Perhaps you can charge a premium in Germany or Japan for your goods - or perhaps you need to add an overhead cost due to particular packaging requirements.
If you are not already selling on Amazon then its easy to get going with just a few items and test the water. You'll then be able to see for yourself how effective the market is for your business. Once you have glimpsed the potential of Amazon, opening up on other markets and adding SKUs will see your business quickly grow. Follow the link below to find out more about Seller Dynamics and the Amazon Repricer at its core.

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