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5 Easy Ways To Get More Product Reviews

Anyone who has ever run an e-commerce website will no doubt attest to the fact that getting customers to review the the products they purchased is hard work.

Quite simply, people typically don't want to leave reviews of products unless they have had a problem with them. In which case, you probably don't want the review on your website as it is likely to have a negative impact on sales. This means that, in order to get customers to leave helpful reviews, you need to provide a reason for them to do so.

According to Reevoo, social commerce solutions provides, the inclusion of customer reviews on your website provides a typical overall conversion rate increase of over 12%:

Overall Conversion Rate Impact of Customer Reviews on Ecommerce Websites

The following list points out 5 easy ways to encourage more of your customers to leave reviews on your website. Remember that, while not all reviews will always be positive, you will be more likely to get more positive reviews from the customers who wouldn't usually bother to contribute at all.

1. Just Ask

This one is the easiest method of all, yet oddly, not implemented as often as you might expect. If someone has made a purchase from you online then you should have all of the necessary contact information required to get in touch a week or so down the line to ask how they are getting on with their new purchase.

2. Let People Add Reviews

Pretty key to making reviews work for you and also for making products more likely to be reviewed is to actually provide a facility for customers to actually add their reviews directly to your website. Maintain moderator control over reviews to avoid any spam or unnecessary language, but don't feel the need to delete anything that isn't an entirely "glowing" review - unnatural looking balance will look just that. Surprising how often this is overlooked.

3. Review Blog Posts

Getting a handful of your staff to compile a joint review blog post of products you sell can great not only for improving conversions, but also in assisting your SEO. Reviews are popular external link-bait and are a great opportunity to link through to your product pages. Having 2 or 3 staff members provide their opinions on a variety of criteria (i.e. "fit/sizing", "look", "durability" etc) offers more depth to a review and can be more convincing that one persons opinion on it's own. Don't forget to ask customers if they have their own opinion on the product, to provide their own review (and provide a link to where they can).

4. Free Samples / Trial Versions

Depending upon your product type, providing free samples / trial versions can be a good way to generate discussion and ultimately reviews of your products. Approaching people who show an interest in your niche (via their blogs, twitter etc) can be a particularly good way to generate reviews from respected sources and quality links at the same time (again, helping with your SEOefforts).

N.B. - Amazon has a "power rankings" table of reviewers, many of whom include their email addresses in their profiles - a great way to find people who may be willing to review your products in return for a free sample etc.

5. Provide Instructions

Including a link and details of how to leave a review in your order confirmation email makes it that little bit easier for customers who are inclined to do so....to do so!

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