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3 Free Tips - Getting Inspiration For Link-Worthy Content

3 Free Tips - Getting Inspiration For Link-Worthy Content


Coming up with ideas for fresh, quality content - the kind of stuff people would actually want to read - on a regular basis for your website can be a tough challenge. Sometimes inspiration can be lacking and it can be a chore to come up with something.

Fortunately, there are a few clever ways you can make things a bit easier for yourself when it comes to gathering great ideas, which is why this months Web Wise Business 3 Free Tips covers ways of getting inspiration for link-worthy content.

1. Competitions

We are big fans of the power of competitions online for marketing purposes (as you may have noticed with the contest on our Now Retirement website recently) - they are a great way to gather lots of potential customer data quickly and at low cost. However, they can also be a good way of generating some really good content for your website that can gather plenty of links by having entrants provide some form of content - be it written, visual or otherwise.

Fraser Un-packing a New MacbookFor example, an e-commerce store may run a contest where entrants are asked to provide a short description of why they love a product they own (which the store also sells), along with a photograph of them with the product. The e-commerce store owners then not only get updated potential customer details, they also get product testimonials for future use and images which can be added to a gallery on the site, or on product pages. Most people love to see photographs of themselves online so the number of links from people wanting to show their friends can be helpful.

You should also never underestimate the number of links simply running a competition will generate itself through people posting on competition forums etc.

2. Intranet Crowd-Sourced Ideas

If your company has an internal communication intranet system then you could consider putting a call out to your colleagues for ideas for content. Different areas and divisions of businesses will obviously have their own specialist knowledge and skills which should never be overlooked and could create some really valuable, link-worthy content online.

If your company doesn't have an intranet system but you think you should, we can help with our top of the line intranet system development - it would even enable you to choose specific individuals or divisions etc to put your request to!

3. Create a Conversation

Create a ConversationThere are plenty of people putting new blog posts, news items and articles on the internet in your local area every day. Have a look around Twitter or local news sources and see if there is something that you feel is worth voicing your own opinions, thoughts or experience on.

By directly referencing the original article that provoked your response (and possibly even contacting the original author by email with a link to your response) you are creating a conversation online with someone who is likely to respond and probably also link back to your post. You are also creating a potential new contact for your network.

So there you go - 3 easy ways of getting inspiration (or sometimes even just the entire content itself!) for link-worthy content. What are you waiting for!

Go forth and start getting those links!


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